Fábio Ferreira de Souza

Engineer Developer Senior

Architect & Full Stack Developer

Development Languages
C#, VB.Net, SQL, Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Phyton, NodeJS, Assembler, VB6, ASP, PHP, Delphi
Visual Studio 2002-2019, Eclipse, Android Studio, GIT, SVN

Embedded Systems
RaspberryPI, ESP8266, FreeRTOS, ARM, XMega, PIC, 8051, Z80, CLP
Atmel Studio

Other Knowledges
Microsoft Office, Libreoffice, HTML5, CSS3, SVG, XML, JSON, jQuery, AngularJS, MVC, SPA, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, XEN, MySQL, MS-SQL, Azure, AWS, IIS, Apache, and much more...

Some Projects

BoletoASP - Component for developers
Sitio do Carroção* - Photo management and reserves system of educational resort
Universal Contábil* - Financial Systens with file archive
Casa Lar Ebenezer - Institutional site of the children shelter of my parents
Igreja de Cristo - Biometric identification of the parents of the new generation
Google Play Apps - Personal apps utils: iDAccess, Sing a new Song, and others
Life Android - God and faith: Thoughts and my daily reflections
Theology - Some theological studies
Blog - Thoughts and my daily reflections
Resume (Curriculum) - List of principal works and knowledges
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Contact & Social Media

mobile phone: +55(11)99257-6121 (Claro/WhasApp)
Likedin   Twitter   Github   HakerHank   Stackoverflow

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